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We are hopeful 

That every individual would have a real relationship with Jesus, continue to grow into His likeness by the working of the Holy Spirit and to live in the fullness of God.


That families, no matter how different they look would have Christ at the centre and be filled with His love. 

That children and youth would be passionate about their Creator and be ready to live lives of impact and influence.

We are rooted

In the belief that we worship the triune God - one God in three persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
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We are

Gershom and Christine, the pastors at We are Zion. Gershom is a filmmaker while Christine is a writer and together they are partners in their media company - Big G Media. Together they have a heart to reach people with the good news of the gospel through media and the creative arts. They are blessed with 3 children who love all things outdoors and superheroes! Their home is always open to people and their dining room is where most conversations happen. 

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